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EVO 400

Ref. 50400
Price on request
Large size cutting machine. Evo 400 Ref. 50400 / Evo 400+ Ref. 50430 The EVO 400 is a very spacious, large capacity machine. The height of the space under the grinding wheel measures 190mm. Its tables can bear the weight of parts over 200kg. This powerful machine, adapted for workshop use, combines ease of use with sturdiness. It has three cutting modes: assisted, automatic, programmable (ensures cut repeatability). Its ergonomic design, with a motorised hood and multilingual, coloured, touch screen simplifies the user-machine interface. Optional Extras: • Positioning Laser. • Manual transverse movement table (X axis) to assist with lateral adjustment of the simple, and enable parallel sectioning. • Manual longitudinal movement table (Y axis) to increase cut capacity.