Geology has opened up a whole new range of opportunities for us. With a smaller offering in the market until now and listening to our customers needs during that time, we have decide to take the plung and fully enter the geological market. We now offer a full range of products for the preparation and petrology of these thin geological samples. With over 50 years of know-how in metallography we are confident our technology will enhance the cutting, mounting, polishing and analysis of your geological samples. And as always, the driving force is innovation and adaptability.


In order to track part of the history of rocks, geologists need to know the mineralogical composition of some rocks using transmission microscopes. Before carrying out any analysis, it is necessary to follow initially a precise protocol in order to obtain a thin section. This specific preparation consists in thinning a sample of rock previously glued on a slide (glass plate).
Several operations are necessary to achieve a thin section:
1. Cutting
The rock is cut to remove the sample for analysis.
2. Shaping
The sample is worked until the desired shape and dimensions are achieved: the “sugar cube”
3. Lapping
The cube surface to be glued is worked to obtain perfect flatness.
4. Gluing
The cube is glued to the slide.
5. Thining
The sample is thinned by cutting.
6. Grinding
The sample is thinned to the desired dimension, for observation or polishing.


GEOTOME DUAL has two working zones.
On one side: cutting rock samples
The cutting side can use all diamond discs to a diameter of 250mm. With its manual-movement longitudinal table, it allows you to cut rock and prepare the sample. Once the cube is glued to the thin section, it is possible thin it to a fixed or variable measurement thanks to the mobile or non-mobile vacuum vice which fixes onto the table.
On the other side: the grinding of thin sections
The grinding area of GEOTOME DUAL allows you to pre-polish up to 4 thin sections simultaneously. They are held by a vacuum sample rack and are rectified thanks to a 175mm diameter diamond head cup wheel with resinoid, metallic or vitrified binder.


Diamond wire saws for cutting rock samples. They are particularly recommended for cutting delicate samples such as silicium or glass. The low forces applied allow samples to be cut without damage.


GEOPRESS allows you to glue up to 20 samples simultaneously under individual weights of 600g to 1.6kg. It is the only press on the market which allows progressive, controlled temperature increase. GEOPRESS works at temperatures up to 110°C.


The controller measures the thickness of a thin section during preparation.
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