Nickel and nickel alloy: metallographic preparation

Préparation métallographique nickel et alliage

Nickel and Nickel alloys have many applications. This element gives alloys stainless properties and good creep resistance (INOX; INVAR/KOVAR, Phynox, etc.), but Nickel is also used to obtain alloys with low coefficients of thermal expansion (Cunife, Fernico) widely used in the aeronautics, permanent magnets (AlNiCo), in jewelery (Au-Ni)…

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Superalloy, Colloidal Silica Super Finish (SPM)


First pre-polishing step:

Second polishing step with diamond suspension:

Third polishing step with polycrystalline diamond suspension:

Fourth finishing step with polycrystalline diamond suspension:

Fifth super finishing step with Colloidal Silica: