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Ref. 51800
Price on request
Micro-cutting machine dedicated to PCB and flat samples. A compact machine designed for cutting PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and flat samples. There are three modes of cutting: • Longitudinal mode: for sectioning PCBs • Fixed mode: for sectioning PCBs • Micro-sectioning mode
Mecatome T215

Mecatome T215

Ref. 51460
Price on request
Robust and compact, the MECATOME T215 is an automatic micro-cutting machine. Its three programmable motorized axes make it a machine that adapts to all situations. The MECATOME T215 offers numerous work parameters that allow to optimize the cutting of the most complex parts. Accessories and options:
  • Quick clamping vice left side for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51466)
  • Quick clamping vice right side for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51465)
  • Quick clamping vice for long sample for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51469)
  • Sample chucks (to use only with a transversal table) for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51410)
  • V shaped sample chuck for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51715)
  • Vice chuck for longitudinal cuts for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51717)
  • Orientable chuck for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51156) to be used with aluminium plates (ref. 51162 et 51163)
  • Irregular shaped sample chuck for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51716)
  • Chuck for small samples for MECATOME T215 (vice type) (ref. 51713)
  • Chuck for cylindrical sample for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51714)
  • Base cabinet for manual cutting machine pour MECATOME T215 (large model) (ref. 51470)
  • Kopal holding (ref. 50616)
  • Box of Kopal holders (ref. 50613)
  • Option:Transversal table with motorized movement for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51461)
  • Option: 25L recirculating tank for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51462)
  • Option: Positioning laser for MECATOME T215 (ref. 51463)
  • Option: Suction & extraction (ref. 51464)


Ref. 51760
Price on request
The MECATOME T205 is a manual precision micro-cutting machine characterized by its robustness and compact design. With a large working space, it allows for cuts with the highest precision and to work on a wide range of materials, from the softest to the hardest. Its powerful motor makes it possible to work at high and constant torque over the entire speed range from 100 to 4000 RPM. Option:
  • Quick-release nut - Tool-less cut-off wheel change (ref. 51725)


Ref. 51270
Price on request
Robust, the MECATOME T265 accepts cutting discs of Ø250 & Ø300mm. Its rotation speeds ranged from 1300 to 4000 RPM allow the use of metallic blades as resinoids. Its L-shaped table allows quick clamping of parts either horizontally or vertically. Options and accessories:
  • Magnetic filter (ref. 51271)
  • Quick-release nut - Tool-less cut-off wheel change (ref. 51272)
  • SUCTION AND EXTRACTION - Mist extraction with fluid recovery (ref. 51273)
  • Base cabinet for manual cutting machine (small model) (ref. 51275)
  • Left quick clamping vice (ref. 51280)
  • Right quick clamping vice (ref. 51281)
  • Stainless steel v-type moving jaw for clamping vice 45mm height (ref. 51282)
  • Special fragile samples «delrin» thermoplastic moving jaw for clamping vice 45mm height (ref. 51283)

Mecatome ST310

Ref. 50200
Price on request
Manual cutting machine with swing action movement. The MECATOME ST310 is a powerful and robust machine, designed to cut sections from sizeable parts and samples which are longer in length. Equipped with exclusive PRESI swing arm technology, rapid, clean, and effortless sectioning can be carried out, without any risk of burning the sample, resulting in a time saving of up to 60%. This new technology increases the capacity of longitudinal sectioning. The machine’s design means that large volume samples can be accommodated, and the double run of the ‘rod’ enables the sectioning of longer samples to take place. The table (with interchangeable stainless steel plates) is compatible with most readily available clamping systems (including vice-type rapid clamping systems and KOPAL). The cooling tank, equipped with a removable and washable filtration system, guarantees a clean supply of coolant during the cutting process, resulting in perfectly white sections.

EVO 400

Ref. 50400
Price on request
Large size cutting machine. Evo 400 Ref. 50400 / Evo 400+ Ref. 50430 The EVO 400 is a very spacious, large capacity machine. The height of the space under the grinding wheel measures 190mm. Its tables can bear the weight of parts over 200kg. This powerful machine, adapted for workshop use, combines ease of use with sturdiness. It has three cutting modes: assisted, automatic, programmable (ensures cut repeatability). Its ergonomic design, with a motorised hood and multilingual, coloured, touch screen simplifies the user-machine interface. Optional Extras: • Positioning Laser. • Manual transverse movement table (X axis) to assist with lateral adjustment of the simple, and enable parallel sectioning. • Manual longitudinal movement table (Y axis) to increase cut capacity.