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Mecatome ST310

Ref. 50200
Price on request
Manual cutting machine with swing action movement. The MECATOME ST310 is a powerful and robust machine, designed to cut sections from sizeable parts and samples which are longer in length. Equipped with exclusive PRESI swing arm technology, rapid, clean, and effortless sectioning can be carried out, without any risk of burning the sample, resulting in a time saving of up to 60%. This new technology increases the capacity of longitudinal sectioning. The machine’s design means that large volume samples can be accommodated, and the double run of the ‘rod’ enables the sectioning of longer samples to take place. The table (with interchangeable stainless steel plates) is compatible with most readily available clamping systems (including vice-type rapid clamping systems and KOPAL). The cooling tank, equipped with a removable and washable filtration system, guarantees a clean supply of coolant during the cutting process, resulting in perfectly white sections.